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César Franck César Franck

Violin Sonata in A
Mozart is made neither of porcelain, nor of marble, nor of sugar. The cute Mozart, the perfumed Mozart, the permanently ecstatic Mozart, the 'touch-me-not' Mozart, the sentimentally bloated Mozart must all be avoided. There should be some slight doubt, too, about a Mozart who is incessantly 'poetic'. 'Poetic' players may find themselves sitting in a hothouse in which no fresh air can enter; you want to come and open the windows. Let poetry be the spice, not the main course. Alfred Brendel

Rossini, Duetto per violincello e contrabasso

October 30th, 2005

Giacchino Rossini, 1792-1868

Duetto per violincello e contrabasso, 1824

Giacchino RossiniBy his mid-thirties, Giacchino Rossini was an internationally famous opera composer commanding enormous sums for musical services. By the age of 37, he essentially retired from composing though he continued to lead a lavish and notorious life to well into his seventies. Known primarily for his operas with their tear-off symphonic overtures, Rossini nonetheless penned a small cache of chamber works, notably his precocious string sonatas (at the age of thirteen), and various commissioned works sprinkled throughout his life. « more »

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earsense celebrates and explores how music makes "sense" with a focus on the extraodinary genre of chamber music. The centerpiece of earsense is a comprehensive database of chamber music composers, works, events and related media called chamberbase.


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