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Alfred Schnittke Alfred Schnittke

Piano Quintet
To all true lovers of Musicke, W. Byrd wisheth all true happinesse both temporall and eternall. Being excited by your kinde acceptance of my former travailes in Musicke, I am thereby much incouraged to commend to you these my last labours, for myne ultimum vale. Wheren I hope you shall finde Musicke to content every humour: either melancholy, merry or mixt of both. William Byrd, 1543-1623

Schubert, String Quartet No. 13 in A minor, “Rosamunde”

April 14th, 2012

Franz Schubert, 1797-1828

String Quartet No. 13 in A minor, D. 804, “Rosamunde”, 1824

Franz SchubertSchubert grew up playing chamber music with his family and composed several youthful (and quite skillful) string quartets for these domestic affairs. His mature “professional” quartets composed for public performance date from the 1820’s and include the single movement “Quartettsatz”, the “Rosamunde”, the “Death and the Maiden”, and the final epic in G major completing a lifelong set of 15 numbered quartets. Written in 1824 when Schubert was still only 27 (with only four years left), the “Rosamunde” quartet would be the only string quartet performed and published during his lifetime. Overshadowed by the more dramatic quartets that surround it chronologically, the 13th quartet is notable for its suave but dark-tinged reserve, a delicacy of atmosphere, texture and Schubert’s irrepressible signature: delicious lyricism. « more »

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