Buxton Orr

1924-1997 (73)
Born: April 18, 1924, Glasgow
Died: December 27, 1997, Hereford
Buxton (Daeblitz) Orr

18 work(s)

Work  Date(s)  Age 
Violin Sonata195531
Episodes (for english horn and piano)196642
Refrains I (for english horn and piano)197046
5 Sketches (for 4 trombones)197046
Refrains II (for clarinet, viola and piano)197046
String Quartet No. 1, Refrains IV197753
Piano Trio No. 1198258
String Quartet No. 2198561
Piano Trio No. 2198662
A Carmen Fantasy (for cello and piano)198763
Portrait of the Don (for cello and piano)198763
Refrains V (for clarinet and piano)198864
Piano Trio No. 3199066
Elegy (for cello and piano)199470
Duo (for violin and bass)199470
String Trio199672
Tales from the Windsor Forest (for cello and piano)199773
Catfish Row (for cello and piano)199773