Work(s) for Sax Quartet

162 composer(s), 196 work(s)

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2006Gerald Shapiro (1942) A CURSE - Snakes, Toads and Spiders in the Mouths of Lying Politicians (Saxophone Quartet)
2007Martin Bresnick (1946) Everything Must Go (Saxophone Quartet)
2008Lei Liang (1972) YUAN (Saxophone Quartet)
2008Marina Shmotova (1950) Saxophone Quartet
2008Eric Gross (1926-2011) Suite Latin American (Saxophone Quartet), Op. 302
2009Andy Akiho (1979) Amalgamation (Saxophone Quartet)
2011Karol Beffa (1973) Fireworks (Saxophone Quartet)
2012Christopher Bochmann (1950) Dance sketches (Saxophone Quartet)
2012David Ludwig (1974) Josquin Microludes (Saxophone Quartet)
2013Ross Bauer (1951) Rhyme or Reason (Saxophone Quartet)
2013Marc-Anthony Turnage (1960) Run Riot (Saxophone Quartet)
2012-2013Snorri Birgisson (1954) Nocturne (Saxophone Quartet)
2012-2013Javier Torres Maldonado (1968) Masih (Saxophone Quartet)
2013Elliott Miles McKinley (1969) Aria (Saxophone Quartet)
2013Carter Pann (1972) The Mechanics (Saxophone Quartet)
2014Nancy Bloomer Deussen (1931) A Day in the City (Saxophone Quartet)
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