Kai Christiansen Web Services

Kai Christiansen Kai Christiansen has been a professional software and web site engineer for over 25 years. With a degree in Computer Science, Kai has worked with some of the top players in the Silicon Valley including SCO, NeXT and Apple where he acquired "best in breed" training and hard-won practical experience. Kai was "on the scene" when the web emerged in the early 90's and has been building sites and applications from the very beginning.

Currently an independent contractor and consultant, Kai has worked on a wide range of web site projects from individual artist portfolios to small business sites to large ecommerce web applications such as the Babycenter store featuring a full-range of complex technologies serving millions of users. With a full view of the tools, the technologies and the range of possibilities, Kai is ideal for designing, implementing and maintaining a web site or application thoughtfully tuned to your specific needs.

Current services include, but are not limited to:

  • Establishing and managing a web domain and web hosting package (including migration from old accounts)
  • Configuring business email and FTP accounts
  • Conceptualizing, storyboarding, analyzing information architecture and user interface design
  • Web site implementation including a range of up-to-date technologies and design approaches
  • Migrating or updating existing sites: the proverbial "face-lift"
  • Building interactive web site components such as forms for capturing client emails, comments and personalization
  • Targeted mass-marketing email campaigns
  • Collecting and analyzing web site usage statistics
  • Optimizing web sites for search engine placement
  • Writing and editing web site copy in a variety of styles
  • Designing and building database "backend" components
  • Full range of Image (and media) processing for the ideal visual (and audio) presentation
  • Implementing web sites and their components for maximum portability and maintainability
  • Sustaining an on-going relationship for site updates
  • User support and training from a professional instructor
  • Hourly rates as well as full project bids

Client and Colleague Testimonials

"You couldn't ask for a better developing partner than Kai Christiansen. While at BabyCenter, Kai was a valuable resource for me during the re-design and maintenance of a new commerce front-end, partnering on many initiatives with efficiency, an eye for innovation, and a sharp, critical mind. He is able to analyze a situation in multi-dimensions, and offers the quickest path to resolution. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better collaboration-minded, easygoing, affable personality, with a razor-sharp wit to boot."

Kathy Azada, Manager of Graphic Design and Production, Babycenter, Inc.

"Kai Christiansen's development of a web site for me was outstanding. He uses the latest technology, accessing and moving on the website is rapid, the aesthetics are superb, and Kai is quick and easy to work with. For any web work I need, Kai is my first phone call."

Tom Raffin MD, Professor Emeritus of Medicine, Stanford University
Co-founder and partner, Telegraph Hill Partners, a healthcare private equity firm in San Francisco.

"I can't say enough in praise of the work Kai Christiansen has done to create and maintain a stellar web presence for Music at Kohl Mansion since I joined the organization three years ago (and before!) The quality, aesthetic, logic and ease of use of our site have been simply outstanding. Working with Kai is always a pleasure, as he is keenly sensitive to the nature of the needs, the timelines and priorities of any project. Kai's knowledge and appreciation for the subject matter are, of course, an invaluable asset. Whether discussing design, content, navigation or any other aspect of the site, his patience and insight have given me a new understanding and appreciation for the task, and I continue to learn a great deal from him. Music at Kohl’s web site is not only a superior marketing and promotional tool, thanks to Kai, but it is a source of great institutional pride that has served our organization to leverage donated funds, to recruit artists of international renown, to solicit board members, volunteers and other constituents, and to become well-known in the field of chamber music presenting and music education. A thousand bravos!"

Patricia Kristof Moy, Executive Director, Music at Kohl Mansion, Burlingame, CA

"Working with Kai couldn't have been better. He's thoroughly professional and very patient with people like me who aren't very savvy with technology. I was amazed at how readily he could almost intuit my ideas before I even fully articulated them - he did exactly what I wanted, even though I couldn't have said exactly what I wanted in so many words. He's a pleasure to work with, and I'm thrilled with what he's done for my site. My highest recommendation!"

Adrian Card, Decorative Painter, adriancard.com

"Kai Christiansen extends my company's best of class excellence by providing us with the same in web, database, and workflow consulting. When I ask Kai for an opinion or research he consistently provides a wonderful triangulate view on a problem: allowing us the easy privilege of a thoughtful, fact-based decision. Kai's reliability, fast turn around, and knowledge allows my very busy company to respond to market needs quickly and deftly. Kai's value-add is as much in the diverse accomplishments he represents, as his sincere and knowledgeable advice for when and where to keep a project small. With Kai, I always feel I've saved money for every hour he works with us."

Renata Poray, Poray Imageworks, Palo Alto, CA

"Kai Christiansen was the perfect person to help me with my web site. First, he listened to me carefully when I spoke about what I wanted my site to project. Then, working from there, he expressed additional ideas which turned out to be fabulous, such as including more pictures and a couple of videos. He is a natural with design and has all the skills at the computer that I don't have. He truly made my site both beautiful to look at and user-friendly, and I've gotten nothing but positive feedback and praise from those who have seen it and gotten back to me. I would recommend Kai to anyone who wants a great, comprehensive web site to represent them both personally and professionally!"

Katherine Roberts Perl, Musician and Harpsichord Builder / Technician, San Francisco, CA

"Kai Christiansen is one of the most pleasant engineers I've ever worked with. Not only is his work of the utmost quality, he delivers it with wit and a positive can-do attitude. Another one of his rarer qualities is proativity - he's quick to clarify if unsure and will offer up alternative solutions to make my job easier. I couldn't recommend him more highly."

Kathy Rott, Director of Content, Production & Usability, Sephora.com

"I wanted a web site that was different than the run-of-the-mill. I needed a crisp, professional and aesthetic portfolio for my landscape architecture and pubilc art projects. Kai Christiansen worked closely with me to realize these goals using new web site approaches and technologies. It was essential to have Kai's conceptualizing, organization of materials and management of details. My site was delivered in a timely fashion with professional finish on a very reasonable budget. I highly recommend him."

Jan Longwell, Jan Longwell Landscape Architecture

"Kai was one of those slam-dunk hires. His broad experience in web technology not only let him hit the ground running, it quickly made him a sought out partner across the engineering team. In addition to being an outstanding developer Kai shone with his ability to communicate across functional lines. He is professional, dedicated, funny and wicked smart."

Sven Niemetz, former Manager of Web Production at Babycenter, Inc., Johnson and Johnson

"I was at first skeptical about whether or not to develop a website. My aviaries are private; I didn't have spare time to take on another project; I wasn't going to sell anything so why did I need a website? At the same time, I felt I needed to be current. And that a website would communicate better than I could when I was asked about my work. I tried to develop one by myself but this was time consuming and tedious. My husband had worked with Kai and thought he was outstanding. He was right. Developing a website with Kai was almost painless even for a technology challenged person like me. Kai walked me through the process, did all of the hard parts and even taught me how to maintain the website myself. I now wonder how I ever survived without a website. It's opened doors for me that I didn't even know existed. I now am poised to take the jump to becoming a non-profit because the website brought me help to make this possible. I recommend Kai highly. He is easy to work with, professional and the websites he develops are beautiful."

Michele Raffin – Pandemonium Aviaries

"I have relied on Kai for a number of tech issues for my business. This is the second website he has developed for me and I wouldn't give my business to anyone else. Being in the design field I have a strong sense of style and as such had a very specific vision of what my site should look like. Kai did an excellent job of bringing my vision to fruition. He was also excellent about educating me in regards to my expectations and the costs of making that happen. The end result is a site that is user-friendly, incorporates my style requirements and was accomplished at a great value. earsense services are a no brainer!"

Angle Dunkelberger – interior designer, Sunrise Home www.designerangle.com