Book 2 - No. 16 - G minor - Fugue
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Every time I listen to my Andras Schiff's recording of this fugue, I marvel at the miracle of composition, but not as much as I marvel at the miracle of performance. It begins with a daring subject. It grows in fugal counterpoint into a texture of four voices: four voices that, though illusory, appear to run in four-dimensional polyphony with the richness of an entire miniature string quartet. Ah, but remember: this is only one man, with two hands, one mind, one heart. This is chamber music for ten fingers: an illusion, a sleight of hand, a miracle of performance. How can he, or she, raise the spectre of a multitude of souls singing each alone and all together, a throng of humanity? Just one musician. Recreating the mental patterns of a single mind. Just one composer. Stirring the deepest heart of the listener: you. Thank you Bach and thank YOU Andras Schiff.