George Enescu, Aubade for String Trio

February 2, 2018

George Enescu (1881-1955)

Aubade in C Major for String Trio, 1899

George Enescu Enescu penned his Aubade for string trio one year earlier than the stunning Octet and there is no more perfect contrast for a mini-showcase of Enescu’s fine art. Concise, charming and so skillfully crafted, this little lilting scherzo and trio is a lovers’ goodbye kiss, an aubade being the opposite of the serenade: one at night, one in the morning, both sharing the lovers’ impetus to woo with music. At the other end of the spectrum from the sprawling epic for octet, this little ditty for spare string trio still projects a layered, rich texture possibly evoking a joyfully whistling lover departing on loping horseback to the accompaniment of a country fiddle, a rustic Romanian folk tune in a fresh, new morning after love.

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