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Mozart’s Music of Friends – Edward Klorman

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

In Mozart’s Music of Friends, you explore social interplay as a metaphor for interaction among the players within a chamber ensemble. What led you to this topic?

During my undergrad at Juilliard, I was playing viola in a quartet, and our coach used the most wonderful interpretations and imagery. Say, one violin begins by singing a sweet melody, when the other violin enters in a love duet. The viola keeps trying to “butt in” and take the conversation in a more serious direction, but the cello just can’t be bothered by the whole exchange.

I’ve always been struck how intuitive such anthropomorphic language is to many performers — but that it’s not usually something a musical scholar would write. This book gave me a way to bring the scholarly and performance perspectives together. By examining the historical and theoretical underpinnings of performers’ experiences of this repertoire, I’ve united two parts of my musical life.


Pocket Ranch Haiku

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Music speaks to me.
Can I transmute it to words?
(Why would I do this?)

In Between
Hijacked by software:
Elegant, abstract patterns.
A byte is a meal.

Bytes about music.
earsense joins the internet:
world-wide web of words.