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Still, Still, Still – Part 2

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

“Still, Still, Still”, Part 2: (Or, “Why I am probably a musicologist”)

Mormon Tabernacle ChoirStill, still, still, I am lost in the siren call of this simple song. Still, I sit, still, and listen again and again, wondering with an awakened heart why I am so moved by the mystery of this music.

“Still, Still, Still” is a traditional Austrian song with this “Salzburg” melody dating from 1819. Like many old songs that stay among us through time, it has many different lyrics, possibly different melodies. Without a doubt, it has cast its spell in many arrangements, harmonies, tempi and the like. (more…)

Still, Still, Still – Part 1

Friday, December 21st, 2007

A Musical Christmas Card

Mormon Tabernacle ChoirEvery year as Christmas approaches, I start thinking about the advent season and various touching rituals from my childhood. Along with the charming advent calendars, the treasured family Christmas decorations and the joy of a fresh pine tree bringing the reminder of those things that are recurrent and evergreen, I think of the warm glow of candlelight and the elegance of certain Christmas carols. With my own evergreen love of music and its recurrent power of emotional and spiritual transformation, I maintain a single constant ritual of my own every year: I bring out my favorite Christmas music and I grow excited, like a child during advent, about the potential surprise of discovering something new. (more…)

Standing ovations

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Attack of the standing ovaters: Vol. 2
For The Chronicle
It’s time again to take a stand against standing.About a year ago, I wrote a piece for the Chronicle describing an epidemic of standing ovations at public performances. Nearly every performance here, I noted, receives a standing ovation, whether deserved or not. And this, I felt, had to stop. . . .

[you get the point. Funny article no longer available online.]

I have had this experience multiple times. I feel a performance was just fine, but not necessarily stellar, and I watch the crowd slowly rise while I, growing almost more obstinate, retain my seat to “maintain” my opinion against the swelling opposition. Are they idiots, I think? Did we just hear the same performance? (more…)

The earsense blog is born

Wednesday, September 1st, 2004

earsense was launched long ago with the intention of it being a kind of dynamic website as we used to think of web sites long ago. That is, as a kind of blog, before blogs were something different than a plain old well maintained web site. Trouble is, it was much harder to update and maintain the site until these new blogging tools appeared. (Maybe the difficulty helped maintain some discipline to the thought and expression? Naw….)

So, now it’s time to hook in a blogging package (thanks to WordPress) and see how the more casual, dynamic parts of earsense might flourish within the more recent and arguably superior blog paradigm. We’ll see what happens.

Welcome to the earsense blog!