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Coloring Inside the Lines – The Calefax Reed Quintet

Friday, February 24th, 2012

In this program, the Calefax Reed Quintet applies their unique ensemble to a performance that is truly one of a kind: an eclectic and refined program of masterworks originally written for solo keyboard, here transcribed for winds. All four works might be said to be “pure music” that freely transcribes to other arrangements without losing its essence. The integrity and innate expression of these classics transcend any particular instrumentation, leaping as they do from the keyboard to the orchestra to a chamber ensemble with equal aplomb. In each case tonight, a reed quintet adds special highlights: the “black” and “white” timbre of the piano expands into a spectrum of colors, the sleight of hand polyphony uncurls from the pianists confounded fingers to a band of five players, each sustaining a vivid solo part unencumbered. And the dry, quick decay of a piano’s short-lived notes stretches into the sustain and vibrato of breath, much closer to the human voice. Clear counterpoint and a richly colorful blend transform a program that brings a distant past right into the present. (more…)