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Mozart, String Quartet in B-flat major, K. 589, “Prussian” No. 2

Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1756-1791

String Quartet in B-flat major, K. 589, “Prussian” No. 2, 1790

Frederick William II, King of PrussiaMozart’s final string quartets comprise a set of three collectively known as the “Prussian” or the “Berlin” quartets. In 1789, friend and student Prince Karl Lichnowsky took Mozart to Berlin to meet Frederick William II, King of Prussia (the second son of Frederick the Great). Frederick was a skillful cellist, and a generous patron of the arts. The meeting proved fruitful for Mozart resulting in a commission for six string quartets as well as some piano sonatas for Frederick’s daughter. But these final years were difficult times for Mozart. His letters paint of picture of illness, his wife’s difficult fifth pregnancy, debt and urgent pleas for yet more loans from overly taxed friends. Mozart completed the first quartet straight away, spent nearly a year working on Così fan tutte, then managed to complete two more quartets in May and June of 1790. Financial desperation ultimately forced Mozart to monetize his latest work as swiftly as possible: he sold the three quartets to the Viennese publisher Artaria who released them in print shortly after Mozart’s death in 1791 without any dedication to the Prussian patron. (more…)