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Ginastera, String Quartet No. 2, Op. 26

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

Alberto Ginastera, 1916-1983

String Quartet No. 2, Op. 26, 1958 (revised in 1968)

Alberto GinasteraThe Argentine composer Alberto Evaristo Ginastera is widely regarded as a significant 20th century composer particularly as an artist of the Americas, a fresh and vivid voice from the new world. He was born in Buenos Aires to parents of Catalan and Italian decent and revealed his musical talents as a young boy. Pursuing his musical studies at the Conservatorio Williams and the Conservatorio Nacional de Música, Ginastera completed his formal training by the time he was 22 years old in 1938. A premiere of his orchestral suite from the ballet Panambí in 1937 while he was still a student immediately established his reputation as a new composer of great promise. Ginastera proved quite prolific with an oeuvre comprising operas, orchestral works, concertos, choral and solo vocal pieces, a diversity chamber works, film scores, and incidental music for several dramas. Particularly noteworthy is the ceaseless artistic exploration he pursued which, according to the composer himself, can be divided into three phases. Grove Music offers a useful, concise summary: (more…)