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Archduke Rudolph

Archduke Rudolph (1788-1831)

Nationality: Austrian
Born: January 8, 1788, Florence Died: July 4, 1831, Baden (age 43)

Trio in E-flat major

(for clarinet, cello and piano)
9:21 I. Allegro moderato
4:50 II. Scherzo. Allegretto
7:25 III. Larghetto - Thema con variazioni
Duration: 23 minutes (approximately)
Composed: 1814 (age 25-26)
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Nash Ensemble
I. Allegro moderato
Nash Ensemble
II. Scherzo. Allegretto
Nash Ensemble
III. Larghetto - Thema con variazioni
Peter Schmidl, Tomoko Okada, Tamás Varga
I. Allegro moderato
Peter Schmidl, Tomoko Okada, Tamás Varga
II. Scherzo. Allegretto
Peter Schmidl, Tomoko Okada, Tamás Varga
III. Larghetto - Thema con variazioni
Antony Pay, Clifford Benson, Christopher van Kampen
From Edition Silvertrust

Rudolf von Habsburg (1788-1831), Archduke of Austria, is remembered today primarily as a friend and patron of Beethoven. It was Rudolf along with the Princes Lobkowitz and Kinsky who helped to keep Beethoven in Vienna by offering him an annual stipendium. Rudolf studied piano and composition with Beethoven between 1805 and 1812 and then off and on for another decade. Although an aristocrat and subsequently a cardinal, Rudolf was a fairly talented composer. Beethoven took considerable time and trouble over Rudolf's manuscripts, something he would not have done had he not felt them to be worthwhile. Most of Rudolf's works were for piano although he wrote a considerable number, including this trio, for his friend Count Ferdinand von Troyer, a talented clarinetist.

The Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano dates from 1813-4. Rudolf never finished the final movement, a Rondo. However, the three completed movements, Allegro moderato, Scherzo and Larghetto with Variations still make for a satisfying and valuable work. The style, as might be expected, is that of early Beethoven. Here and there one hears echoes of Mozart, perhaps as transmitted by Anton Eberl, a Mozart student, who wrote his own clarinet trio (also published by Edition Silvertrust) in 1806, a work with which Rudolf may well have been acquainted. The clarinet is given especial treatment since it was commissioned by a clarinet player, but the cello and, of course the piano, Rudolf's own instrument, are also well served.

Players wishing to make a night of clarinet trios or who are programming concert should give serious consideration to this work.

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