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Carl Friedrich Abel

Carl Friedrich Abel (1723-1787)

Nationality: German
Born: December 22, 1723, Cöthen Died: June 20, 1787, London (age 63)

Sonata in C major, Op. 2, No. 1, WK 111 (for harpsichord, violin and cello)

(for harpsichord, violin and cello)
7:13 I. Allegro moderato
5:37 II. Tempo di Menuetto
Duration: 13 minutes (approximately)
Published: 1760-1762 (age 36-39)
Dedication: The Right Honorable Earl of Buckinghamshire
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Balász Máté · László Paulik, Miklós Spányi
I. Allegro moderato
Balász Máté · László Paulik, Miklós Spányi
II. Tempo di Menuetto