Carl Vine

Carl Vine (born 1954)

Nationality: Australian
Born: October 8, 1954, Perth (age 67)

String Quartet No. 1, Knips Suite

(for 2 violins, viola and cello)
I. Egg Knips (an overture)
II. Valse Perverse (sans knips)
2:43 III. Knips in Brixton (l'homme en colère : "knips on rye, hold the bread")
4:13 IV. Deco Knips (a tango)
V. Saturday Night Knips (self explanatory)
4:25 VI. Knips del Fuego (a finale)
Duration: 18 minutes (approximately)
Composed: 1979 (age 24-25)
Note: Knips Suite was composed for Australian choreographer Ian Spink for the "Basic Space" dance group in Edinburgh, and was first performed at the Edinburgh Festival in 1979. It is a suite of dance movements all involving some form of parody or pun, either literary, musical, or both. As a concert work, any number of movements may be played in any order, for any reason.