Edouard Destenay (1850-1924)

Nationality: French
Born: April 6, 1850, Algiers Died: January 22, 1924 (age 73)

Trio in b minor, Op. 27

(for oboe, clarinet and piano)
I. Allegro vivace
8:47 II. Andante non troppo
III. Presto
Published: 1906 (age 55-56)
Dedication: à Messieurs Louis Bleuzet, Hautbois solo de la Société des Concerts du Conservatoire et Émile Stievenard, Clarinette solo des Concerts Lamoureux
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Nicholas Daniel, Jose Franch-Ballester, Molly Morkoski
II. Andante non troppo
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Edouard Destenay (1850-1924) was born in the Algerian capital of Algiers. We know very little about his life. It is somewhat surprising, given that he was a Knight of the Légion d' Honneur and a Committee member of the French musicians, that even French sources have little to say about him. We know that he moved to Paris, where he studied music with Claudius Blanc and that he spent the rest of his life in France. He mainly composed music for strings and orchestra and his Romantic Symphony for piano and orchestra was popular and performed regularly for a number of years.

His Trio in b minor, Op.27 dates from 1906 and is in three movements. It combines elements of German romanticism with the musical language of Saint-Saëns and Gounod. The opening Allegro vivace is exciting and full of wonderful exchanges between the voices. This is followed by a highly melodic and very lyrical Andante. The delightful finale, Presto, is tightly written and full of appeal.

This very appealing work will not only triumph in the concert hall but will be a great treat for amateurs as well.

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