Ernest Austin

Ernest Austin (1874-1947)

Nationality: English
Born: December 31, 1874, Poplar, Middlesex Died: July 24, 1947 (age 72)

Piano Trio No. 4 in D major, Op. 26

(for violin, cello and piano)
Poco lento, con espressione - Allegro moderato, con vigore
Duration: 12 minutes (approximately)
Composed: (?) 1909 (age 34-35)
Premiere: November 13, 1909
Published: 1911, London: Stainer & Bell (age 36-37)
Dedication: John Davison
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Summerhayes Piano Trio
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Ernest Austin (1874-1947) was born in London. He was largely self taught and initially made a career in business. He did not decide to work full time as a composer until he was 33. Most of his works are for piano, although he did write several piano trios. No. 4, which dates from 1909, seems to be the only one which gained any traction. Although it is in one long movement, in reality, there are four sub-sections or movements—Allegro moderato con vigore, Allegro con animato, Allegro con vigore and Molto allegro confuoco

Though not a titanic or epic work, this trio has considerable charm and appeal and can be recommended to both professionals and amateurs alike. In the concert hall, it will leave a pleasing impression.

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