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Gaetano Donizetti

Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848)

Nationality: Italian
Born: November 29, 1797, Bergamo Died: April 8, 1848, Bergamo (age 50)

Piano Trio in D major

(for violin, cello and piano)
I. Largo
II. Andantino [con variazioni]
Composed: 1817 (age 19-20)
Dedication: The Baglioni family of Bologna
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The manuscript to Donizetti's Piano Trio in E flat Major bears the inscription that it is dedicated to the Baglioni family of Bologna, with whom he often visited for musical evenings. It is an early dating from 1817, and as the inscription makes clear, was intended for home music making. In two movements, it opens quietly with a Largo pizzicato introduction and several beautiful, singing themes follow. The second movement is an Andante theme followed by some exciting variations. The Baglioni family must have been fairly good players.

Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848) was born in Bergamo, Italy where the Donizetti Institute, which has the manuscript to this trio, is now located. He was of humble origins. His father was an assistant at the village pawnshop. In 1806, at the age of 9, he was able to attend a charitable school and there met the then famous composer, Simone Mayr, who became his mentor and lifelong friend. Donizetti is well-known, of course, as a composer for the opera. However, many will be surprised to learn that he did write a fair amount of chamber music, including 18 string quartets, some string quintets, piano trios, and an octet for winds and strings along with several other instrumental works.

While no great masterpiece, this charming work nonetheless is a worthwhile representative of the early Italian romantic movement and shows Donizetti's early development and even his budding operatic ability. It is pleasing and fun to play.

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