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Henri Brod

Henri Brod (1799-1839)

Nationality: French
Born: June 13, 1799 Died: April 6, 1839 (age 39)

Trio, Op. 5

(for oboe, bassoon and piano)
4:16 I. Allegro maestoso
5:45 II. Thême espagnol [con variazioni]. Andante
2:02 III. Bolero. Moderato
Duration: 13 minutes (approximately)
Published: c. 1869
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Bram Nolf, Luc Loubry, Hans Ryckelynck
I. Allegro maestoso
Bram Nolf, Luc Loubry, Hans Ryckelynck
II. Thême espagnol [con variazioni]. Andante
Bram Nolf, Luc Loubry, Hans Ryckelynck
III. Bolero. Moderato
From Kai Christiansen

Henri Brod, 1799-1838

Trio for Piano, Oboe and Bassoon, op. 5
For the typical chamber music enthusiast, Henri Brod is apt to be an obscure if not completely unknown composer. But to a player or lover of the oboe, Brod is a figure of considerable historical importance, a key influence on the instrument, its technique and, by extension, its repertoire. Brod was born in 1799 in Paris where he remained for his short but extremely busy life leading some scholars to suggest that the brevity of his lifespan was due to ceaseless activities on multiple fronts. Brod was, first, a virtuoso oboist who studied, performed and taught at the Paris Conservatoire. Pushing the mechanical limits of the oboe of his day, Brod then turned to the study and craft of instrument making resulting in several improvements. Perhaps to exercise his innovations in both the instrument and performance technique, Brod finally turned to composition, producing numerous studies and sonatas that included the Trio, Op. 5 featured in this evening's program. His scholarship ultimately produced an important work for the oboe, the Méthode pour le Hautbois, for which is he chiefly remembered today. His music is well regarded, noteworthy for the virtuosity of the parts particularly compared to the standards of his time.

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