Hermann Goetz

Hermann Goetz (1840-1876)

Nationality: German
Born: December 7, 1840, Königsberg Died: December 3, 1876, Hottingen (age 36)

Piano Quartet in E major, Op. 6

(for violin, viola, cello and piano)
11:10 I. Rasch und feurig
10:50 II. Langsam
5:09 III. Scherzo. Sehr lebhaft
11:25 IV. Sehr langsam - Frisch und lebendig
Duration: 39 minutes (approximately)
Composed: 1867 (age 26-27)
Published: 1870, Leipzig: Breitkopf und Härtel (age 29-30)
Dedication: Johannes Brahms
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Oliver Triendl, et. al.
I. Rasch und feurig
Oliver Triendl, et. al.
II. Langsam
Oliver Triendl, et. al.
III. Scherzo. Sehr lebhaft
Oliver Triendl, et. al.
IV. Sehr langsam - Frisch und lebendig
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Hermann Goetz "Hermann Goetz's Piano Quartet is one of the masterpieces of the literature and it is sad to see it disappear from the repertoire."

—So wrote the critic Laurence Vittes.

Hermann Goetz (1840-1876) studied theology and mathematics in Königsberg where he was born. Eventually he switched to music and attended the Stern Conservatory in Berlin where he studied with the founder Julius Stern, as well as Hans von Bülow and Hugo Ulrich. In 1862, he succeeded Theodor Kirchner as organist at the church in Winterthur.

His Piano Quartet dates from 1867 and is dedicated to Johannes Brahms who was not only friendly with Goetz but also admired his music. The famous chamber music scholar Wilhelm Altmann describes the Piano Quartet as follows:

"It shows mastery of style throughout. This work has moments of both inspiring energy and profound sadness. The emotional theme of the variations in the slow movement and painfully melancholy introduction to the finale reveal how essentially temperamental was the composer, while the three-part canon which forms the trio of the magnificent Scherzo third movement reveals his great technical skill."

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