Paul Viardot

Paul Viardot (1857-1941)

Nationality: French
Born: July 20, 1857, Courtavenel Died: December 11, 1941 (age 84)

Violin Sonata No. 1 in G major, Op. 5

(for violin and piano)
6:12 I. Allegro
5:40 II. Andante
5:00 III. Allegro assai
Duration: 17 minutes (approximately)
Composed: 1883 (age 25-26)
Published: 1883 (age 25-26)
Dedication: À Son Altesse Royal Le Grand-Duc Charles-Alexandre de Saxe-Weimar
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Reto Kuppel, Wolfgang Manz
I. Allegro
Reto Kuppel, Wolfgang Manz
II. Andante
Reto Kuppel, Wolfgang Manz
III. Allegro assai
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Paul ViardotPaul ViardotPaul Viardot (1857-1941) was born in the French town of Courtavenet. His mother, Pauline Viardot, was a famous singer as well as a composer. He attended the Paris Conservatory where he studied violin with Hubert Leonard and composition with César Franck and Théodore Dubois. He became a prominent soloist and enjoyed considerable success particularly in France and England. Gabriel Fauré dedicated his first violin sonata to him.

Virtually all of Viardot's compositions are for the violin. His Violin Sonata No.1 in G Major, Op.5 dates from 1883. The opening movement, Allegro, is dominated by its rhythm which creates a continual sense of forward motion. The second movement, Andante, begins quietly but as the music progresses tension builds to an eventual Allegro before return to a quiet ending. The finale, Allegro assai, features a beautiful series of flowing themes.

Here is a fine work, beautifully crafted by a violinist for his own instrument. Unavailable for nearly a century, it would do well in the recital hall and we are pleased to make it available one again.

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