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Peter Winter

Peter Winter (1754-1825)

Nationality: German
Baptized: August 28, 1754, Mannheim Died: October 17, 1825, Munich (age 71)

Quartet in E-flat major

(for clarinet, violin, viola and cello)
6:31 I. Allegro
2:58 II. Adagio
5:20 III. Polacca
Duration: 15 minutes (approximately)
Composed: c. 1780 (age 25-26)
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I. Allegro
Consortium Classicum
II. Adagio
Consortium Classicum
III. Polacca
From Edition Silvertrust

Peter von Winter Peter von Winter (1754-1825) was born in the German city of Mannheim. He began his violin studies early and by age ten was judged a prodigy on that instrument. In Mannheim, he studied composition with Abbe Vogler, who also taught Franz Danzi, Carl Maria von Weber and Giocomo Meyerbeer. A prolific composer, as were most of that era, Winter became well-known for his operas and in 1780, he moved to Vienna where several were being staged. While there, he continued his studies with Salieri. Subsequently, he became one of the best known composers in Europe. He taught briefly at the Paris Conservatory and received many honors during his lifetime. He held the position of Music Director to the Bavarian court for the last 25 years of his life and was ennobled by the King of Bavaria for his service and upon his death the 14 page obituary which appeared in the prestigious Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung called him the most important German composer of his time.

Peter von Winter His Clarinet Quartet in E flat Major is thought to have been composed around 1780 during the time he studied in Vienna with Salieri. In three movements, the Quartet begins with a tuneful Allegro and is followed by a dreamy Adagio and concludes with a buoyant Polacca. As virtually all such works from this era, it was designed to show off the wind instrument, in this case, the clarinet. However, Winter does not ignore the string parts who are each given opportunities.

Along with works by Krommer and Crusell (both of whose clarinet quartets we publish) this Quartet is a valuable addition to the repertoire and we are pleased to make it available once again after a long absence. It should be of interest to both professionals and amateurs alike.

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