Alain Bancquart

Alain Bancquart (1934-2022)

Nationality: French
Born: June 30, 1934 Died: January 27, 2022 (age 87)
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Date Age Duration Work Assets
String Quartet No. 1, Rosace
String Quartet No. 2, Mémoire
String Quartet No. 3, Ricercar I
String Quartet No. 4, Respiration. Silence
Ecorces II (for clarinet, violin, horn and piano)
Cérémonial IV (for flute and string trio)
Diurne (for flute and string quartet)
Ma manière de nuages for Wind Quintet
Thrène I for String Trio
Thrène II for String Trio
Cérémonial III for String Trio
Possibles (for violin, clarinet and piano)
Explosante- fixe (for harp and wind quintet)

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