Alexandra du Bois

Alexandra du Bois (born 1981)

Nationality: American
Born: August 16, 1981, Virginia Beach, Virginia (age 41)
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Date Age Duration Work Assets
2003 21-22
Oculus pro oculo totum orbem terrae caecat (An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind), (String Quartet No. 1)
2003 21-22
String Quartet No. 2, Quartet of Images (quartettsatz)
2004 22-23
Lamentu di Maria (Anonymous Sardinian lament) for String Quartet
2005 23-24
String Quartet No. 3, Night Songs (Nachtliederen)
2016 34-35
String Quartet No. 4, Obala
2016 34-35
Bugaršćica (for string quartet and optional double bass with low-C extension)
2017 35-36
Bells from the Abyss (for violin and piano)
2010 28-29
Interstices of Aurorae (for clarinet (or violin) and cello)
2004 22-23
Cello Sonata
2009 27-28
Chanson d’orage (for 2 violins)
2001 19-20
Absalom (for violin and prepared piano)
1999 17-18
Violin Sonata, The Storm
2005 23-24
L’apothéose d’un rêve (Apotheosis of a Dream) for Piano Trio
1998 16-17
String Trio: Mirrors (for violin, cello and bass)
2006 24-25
I Wonder as I Wander (for alto flute, harp and percussion)
2007 25-26
Soleil sur mer (for clarinet, cello and piano)
2007 25-26
The Speaking Tide (for bass clarinet, cello and piano)
2008 26-27
Dopo il duol, dopo il mal (After Sorrow, After Woe) (for flute, harp and percussion)
2003 21-22
Tempête de sable (Storm of Sand) (for clarinet, violin and viola)
2013 31-32
Indlovu: Piano Quintet "The Elephant" for Piano Quintet (for violin, viola, cello, bass and piano)