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Corey Dundee

Corey Dundee

Nationality: American
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Date Age Duration Work Assets
2012 17:00
2018 11:00
act like you know (for alto sax, violin and piano)
2016 14:00
the... of my... are an... for Saxophone Quartet
2016 8:00
Convoluted Reasoning (for violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, harp and percussion)
2015 9:00
colorless green ideas sleep furiously (for piccolo, clarinet, violin, piano and percussion)
2015 9:00
sb3 (for clarinet, violin and piano)
2014 13:00
Migration Miniatures (for flute, alto sax and cello)
2014 4:00
Surface Tension (for cello and piano)
A Sunrise Elsewhere (for flute, viola and vibraphone)
2010 6:00
Shifting Gears for Saxophone Quartet