Gamal Abdel-Rahim

Gamal Abdel-Rahim (1924-1988)

جمال عبد الرحيم Gamāl ‘Abd er-Raheem
Nationality: Egyptian
Born: May 1, 1924, Cairo Died: November 23, 1988, Königstein (age 64)
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Date Age Duration Work
1959 34-35
Violin Sonata
1982 57-58
Duo (for violin and cello)
1975 50-51
Rhapsody (for cello and piano)
1986 61-62
Piano Trio
1977 52-53
The Lotus Pond [Bohayrat Al-Lotus] (for flute (or oboe) and piano)
1987 62-63
Dance of Isis (for flute, harp and percussion)
Elegy (for cello and piano)
Octet (for woodwinds, harp and strings)
Nonet (for wind instruments and harp)
Heroic Dance (for flute and harp)