Gustaf Heintze (1879-1946)

Gustaf Hjalmar Heintze
Nationality: Swedish
Born: July 22, 1879, Jönköping Died: March 24, 1946, Saltsjöbaden (age 66)
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Date Age Duration Work
1919 39-40 20:00
1941 61-62
Afton (for cello and piano)
1942 62-63
Elegy (for cello and piano)
1942 62-63
Nocturne in d minor (for cello and piano)
Piano Trio No. 1, Op. 16
Piano Quintet in a minor
Piano Quintet in G major
Piano Quintet in b minor
Violin Sonata in e minor
Fantasy in A major (for violin and piano)
Toccata in e minor (for violin and piano)
Nocturne in D major (for cello and piano)