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Joseph Hanson Kwabena Nketia

Joseph Hanson Kwabena Nketia (1921-2019)

J. H. K. Nketia
Nationality: Ghanaian
Born: June 22, 1921, Mampong Died: March 13, 2019, Accra (age 97)
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Date Age Duration Work Assets
1965 43-44
Akatin (traditional dance) (for violin and piano)
1964 42-43
San Bra Fie (highlife, after E.K. Nyame) (for viola and piano)
1964 42-43
Antubam (for cello and piano)
1964 42-43
Dance of Joy (Ewe-Fon trilogy no.3) (for flute and piano)
1964 42-43
Dantuo Mu Awo (traditional nnwonkoro song) (for flute and piano)
1964 42-43
La Lem Loo (Ewe-Fon trilogy no.2) (for flute and piano)
1964 42-43
Nkwantabisa (At the Crossroads) (for flute, violin and cello)
1963 41-42
Four Flute Pieces (for flute and piano)
1963 41-42
Dance of the Forest No.2 (Ananse Akuamoa) (for violin, cello and percussion)
1963 41-42
Dance of the Maidens (for flute, oboe, piano and percussion)
1963 41-42
Egyanka ba (highlife, after Kakaiku) (for clarinet and piano)
1963 41-42
Kwadede (for violin and piano)
1962-1965 40-44
3 Ghanaian Airs (for viola and piano)
1960 38-39
Dance of the Forest No.1 (Mmoatia Sankuo) (for violin, cello and percussion)
1960 38-39
Ødasuom (Midnight slumber) (for oboe and piano)
1960 38-39
Republic Suite (seven movements) (for flute and piano)
1959 37-38
Cow Lane Sextet (for flute, clarinet, trumpet and 3 percussionists)
1959 37-38
Ødonse (highlife, after O. P. Mmireku) (for flute, guitar and percussion)
1958 36-37
Bolga Sonata (for violin and piano)
1948 26-27
Bøfoø Ba (canzona) (for flute and piano)