John Addison

John Addison (1920-1998)

John Mervin Addison
Nationality: English
Born: March 16, 1920, Chobham Died: December 7, 1998, Bennington, VT (age 78)
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Date Age Duration Work Assets
1957 36-37
Serenade for Wind Quintet and Harp (for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon and harp)
1990 69-70
Wind Quintet
1949 28-29
Woodwind Sextet (for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon and unknown)
1959 38-39
Five Inventions (for oboe and piano)
Trio (for flute, oboe and piano)
Divertimento, Op. 9 (for 2 trumpets, horn and trombone)
Trio (for oboe, clarinet and bassoon)
Five Dialogues (for flute and clarinet)

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