John Hawkins

John Hawkins (born 1949)

John Bernard Hawkins
Nationality: English
Born: January 16, 1949, Enfield (age 73)
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Show Movements
Date Age Duration Work Assets
1976 26-27 19:00
2017 67-68
At Two (for 2 violas)
2017 67-68
Romantique (for flute, viola and piano)
2017 67-68
Miniataur (for bass clarinet, cello and percussion)
Caged moon for String Quartet
Seven into Eight for String Quartet
Urizen (for viola and piano)
BoBop (for solo violin)
Stranger, Lover, Dancer (for solo cello)
Looking Back (for violin and piano)
Cortège? (for violin and piano)
Intrada, Romanza and Burlesca (for cello and piano)
Worlds Apart (for bass and piano)
Quietus for String Trio
Gestures (for 2 violas)
Waiting – Tango (for viola and bass)
These Lovers (for violin and cello)
Palinode (for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano)
Shadows (for viola, cello and piano)