Ofer Ben-Amots

Ofer Ben-Amots (born 1955)

עופר בן-אמוץ
Nationality: Israeli | American
Born: October 20, 1955, Haifa (age 68)
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Date Age Duration Work Assets
2008 52-53
Nigun and Hora (for cello and piano)
2013 57-58
From Darkness to Light (for clarinet, mandolin and piano)
2008 52-53
The Odessa Trio for Piano Trio
2003 47-48
The Queen City Fanfare (Viddui) (for oboe, piano and percussion)
2002 46-47
The Queen City Fanfare (Viddui and Teru'ah) (for trumpet and organ)
1989 33-34
Prophetic Tropes (Te'amey Nevu'ah) (for trombone and piano)
1997 41-42
Cantillations (for clarinet and cello or viola)
1996 40-41
Midnight Dance (for violin or cello and piano)
1983 27-28
Five Ancient Dances (for clarinet or flute and piano)
1982 26-27
Cello Sonata
1982 26-27
Ceremonial Music (for saxophone, trumpet and piano)
Montage Music (for clarinet, violin, cello and piano)
Bulgariana (for violin and piano)
The Inauguration Fanfare (for 2 trumpets, organ and percussion)

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