Nationiality: American
574 Composer(s)
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Composer   Dates   Nationality(ies) Works
Abrams, Muhal Richard1930 (87)American1
Achron, Joseph1886-1943 (56)Russian | Lithuanian | American15
Adair, James1909-1999 (90)American2
Adam, Claus1917-1983 (65)American4
Adams, John1947 (71)American7
Adams, John Luther1953 (65)American7
Adams, Samuel1985 (32)American2
Aderholdt, Sarah1955 (63)American1
Adler, Samuel1928 (90)American | German25
Adolphe, Bruce1955 (62)American16
Adolphus, Milton1913-1988 (75)American35
Akiho, Andy1979 (39)American21
Albert, Stephen1941-1992 (51)American3
Albright, William1944-1998 (53)American18
Aldridge, Robert1954 (64)American12
Alexander, Josef1907-1992 (85)American6
Allanbrook, Douglas1921-2003 (81)American10
Amaya, EfraĆ­n1959 (58)Venezuelan | American4
Ames, William1901-1987 (85)American25
Amram, David1930 (87)American16
Anderson, Beth1950 (68)American8
Andres, Timo1985 (33)American18
Antes, John1740-1811 (71)American | Moravian3
Antheil, George1900-1959 (58)American14
Applebaum, Mark1967 (51)American7
Armer, Elinor1939 (78)American5
Asia, Daniel1953 (64)American16
Ayres, Frederic1876-1926 (50)American8
Babbitt, Milton1916-2011 (94)American12
Babin, Victor1908-1972 (63)Russian | American2
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