Nationiality: French
383 Composer(s)
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Composer   Dates   Nationality(ies) Works
Chrétien, Hedwige1859-1944 (85)French2
Aatz, Michel1936-1995 (58)French4
Abbiate, Louis1886-1933 (47)French13
Abbott, Alain1938 (80)French3
Aimon, Léopold1779-1866 (86)French9
Alain, Jehan1911-1940 (29)French8
Alary, Georges1850-1928 (78)French12
Alday , Françoisc.1761-1835 (74)French0
Alix, René1907-1966 (59)French3
Alkan, Charles-Valentin1813-1888 (74)French4
Amellér, André1912-1990 (78)French11
Amy, Gilbert1936 (82)French3
Andre , Mark1964 (54)French15
Anet , Jean-Jacques-Baptiste1676-1755 (79)French11
Anthiome, Eugène1836-1916 (79)French4
Arma, Paul1905-1987 (82)French | Hungarian3
Arrieu, Claude1903-1990 (86)French12
Auber, Daniel1782-1871 (89)French3
Aubert , Jacques1689-1753 (63)French49
Auric, Georges1899-1983 (84)French7
Bacri, Nicolas1961 (57)French35
Baillot, Pierre1771-1842 (70)French25
Bailly, Jean Guy1925-2009 (84)French8
Ballif, Claude1924-2004 (80)French23
Balorre, Charles dec.1850-c.1906 (56)French4
Barat, Joseph1882-1963 (81)French1
Barbedette, Hippolyte1827-1901 (73)French6
Barraine, Elsa1910-1999 (89)French2
Barraud, Henry1900-1997 (97)French7
Barrière, Jean-Baptiste1707-1747 (40)French30
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