Roman  Ryterband

Roman Ryterband (1914-1979)

Nationality: Polish | Jewish
Born: August 2, 1914, Łódź
Died: November 17, 1979, Palm Springs, CA (age 65)

14 work(s)

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Date   [Age]  Duration  Work 
10:29 Sonata Breve (for violin and harp)
6:47 Two Desert Scenes (for flute, violin and harp)
Fantasia on Polish Folk Melodies (for 3 violins)
Dialogue (Piéce sans Titre) (for 2 flutes)
Sonata (for 2 flutes and harp)
Triptyque Contemporain (for cello and piano)
Double Flute Quintet
Rapsodia Helvetica (for trombone and piano)
Capriccio Gavottuoso (for alto sax and piano)
Chagrin d'amour (for alto sax, tenor sax and piano)
Song of the Plains of Poland (for soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax and piano)
Valse de Berne (for tenor sax and piano)
13:18 Trois Ballades Hébraïques (for violin and harp)
Song of the Slavonic Plains (for violin and piano)