Nancy Bloomer Deussen [neé Van Norman]

Nancy Bloomer Deussen (1931)

Nancy Bloomer Deussen [neé Van Norman]
Nationality: American
Born: February 1, 1931, New York City (age 87)

23 work(s)

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2017 Images of the West (for violin and cello)
2017 Pacific City (Piano Quartet)
2015 Yellowstone Suite (for flute, violin, cello and piano)
2014 Canticles (Brass Quintet) (for 2 trumpets, horn and 2 trombones)
2014 A Day in the City (Saxophone Quartet)
2012 Ceremonial (Brass Quintet) (for 2 trumpets, horn and 2 trombones)
2012 Afternoon in Asbury Park (for sitar and piano)
2011 Rondo for Ron (for flute, clarinet and piano)
2010 Memorabilia (for flute, violin and piano)
2007 Music From the Heartland (for flute, violin and cello)
2006 Solstice Circle (for flute, cello and harp)
2001 Afternoon Along the Seine (for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, cello and bass)
1999, rev. 2006 Piano Trio
1998 Tribute to the Ancients (Brass Quintet) (for 2 trumpets, horn and 2 trombones)
1997 Parisian Caper (for alto sax, clarinet and piano)
1996 Wind Quintet No. 2
1994 One of Nature's Majesties (for clarinet, bassoon and piano)
1994 The Baylands (for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and piano)
1990 Pacific City (Piano Quintet)
1989 Trio (for violin, clarinet and piano)
1989 San Andreas Suite (for flute, violin, viola and cello)
1988 Fanfare and Andante for Winds (for flute, oboe, clarinet, 2 bassoons and trumpet)
1965 Wind Quintet