Jerzy  Bauer

Jerzy Bauer (1936)

Nationality: Polish
Born: May 12, 1936, Łódź (age 81)
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10 work(s)

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2012 Oscillations (for cello and piano)
2006 THIS (for cello and piano)
2002 Musical Moment (for violin and piano)
2002 Passacaglia Almost in the Old Style (for cello and piano)
2000 Three Musical Movements (for violin and piano)
1996 Variations in Search of a Theme (for solo cello)
1982 Sonata in One Movement (for cello and piano)
1981 Two Winter Fragments (for violin and piano)
1976 Preludio e Danza Polacca (for violin and piano)
1973 Invocazioni (for violin and piano)