Jens  Bjerre [Jacobsen]

Jens Bjerre (1903-1986)

Jens Bjerre [Jacobsen]
Nationality: Danish
Born: October 13, 1903, Århus
Died: January 3, 1986, Copenhagen (age 82)

18 work(s)

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1980 5 Short Pieces (for cello and piano)
1976 4 Etudes (for clarinet and piano)
1975 Mosaïque musicale No. 4 (for flute, violin and cello)
1974 Mosaïque musicale No. 3 (for flute, violin and cello)
1974 Mosaïque musicale No. 2b (for flute, cello and piano)
1968 Samspil mellem fløjte og violoncel (for flute and cello)
1955 Duo (for flute and english horn)
1954 Wind Quintet
1953 Diapsalmata (for cello and piano)
1950 Mosaïque musicale No. 2a (for english horn, violin and cello)
1950 Croquis (for oboe and clarinet)
1949 Sérénade des vagabonds (for flute, violin, cello and piano)
1947 Piano Trio
1945 Violin Sonata
1940 Koncertante (for violin and piano)
1939 Sonatina (for violin and piano)
1936 Mosaïque musicale No. 1 (for flute, violin and cello)
1936 Serenade (for flute, oboe and viola)