Work(s) for String Quartet

2,894 composer(s), 11,462 work(s)

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Carl Ditters (1739-1799) Serenata (String Quartet) in D major (for 2 violins, viola and bass)
Alessandro Rolla (1757-1841) Divertimento (String Quartet) in A major (for 4 violins)
Florence Price (1887-1953) Negro Folksongs in Counterpoint (String Quartet)
Giovanni Battista Ferrandini (1710-1791) String Quartet in F major
Giovanni Battista Ferrandini (1710-1791) String Quartet in g minor
Joachim Nicholas Eggert (1779-1813) String Quartet in E-flat major
Antonio Scontrino (1850-1922) Valzer capriccioso (String Quartet)
Mel Bonis (1858-1937) String Quartet
Paquito D'Rivera (1948) La Jicotea (String Quartet)
James MacMillan (1959) Visions of a November Spring (String Quartet)
Efrem Zimbalist (1890-1985) String Quartet in e minor
Joan Panetti (1942) Night Fields (String Quartet)
Hans Huber (1852-1921) String Quartet
Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) Oblivion (String Quartet)
Ge Gan-ru (1954) Fall of Baghdad (String Quartet)
Arthur Sullivan (1842-1900) String Quartet in d minor
Daniel Kellogg (1976) Fanfare for Dover Beach (String Quartet)
Daniel Kellogg (1976) Whitening Fury (String Quartet)
Efraín Amaya (1959) Angelica (String Quartet)
Anders Wesström (c.1720-1781) String Quartet in B-flat major
Vladas JakubÎnas (1904-1976) String Quartet
Tomás Bretón (1850-1923) String Quartet
Daniel Kellogg (1976) Three American Hymns (String Quartet)
Roberto Sierra (1953) Doce Bagatelas (String Quartet)
Frederick Jacobi (1891-1952) Nocturne (String Quartet)
Terry Riley (1935) G Song (String Quartet)
Yi Chen (1953) Shuo (String Quartet)
Yi Chen (1953) Sprout (String Quartet)
Gilbert Amy (1936) Ein... es Praeludium (String Quartet)
Mikalojus Čiurlionis (1875-1911) Canon (String Quartet) in c minor
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