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2005Judd Greenstein (1979) The Night Gatherers (String Quintet)
2005Kenji Bunch (1973) String Circle (String Quintet)
2006Jon Ward Bauman (1939-2009) String Quintet, Metaphor
2007Nancy Van de Vate (1930) A Long Road Travelled (for solo viola and string quartet)
2007Nikolaus Brass (1949) String Quintet, Songlines-Zyklus
2009Kalevi Aho (1949) String Quintet, Hommage à Schubert
2009Vladimir Martynov (1946) Schubert-Quintet (Unfinished) (String Quintet)
2009Carl Vine (1954) String Quintet
2010Brett Dean (1961) String Quintet, Epitaphs
2012John Harbison (1938) Invention on a Theme of William Shakespeare
2013Andy Akiho (1979) Revolve
2013Daniel Godfrey (1949) To Mourn, To Dance (String Quintet)
2013Hanna Kulenty (1961) String Quintet No. 1, Five for Five
2015John Harbison (1938) Presences
2016Hanna Kulenty (1961) Smokey White (String Quintet)
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