Work(s) for Piano Quartet

432 composer(s), 614 work(s)

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2011Jay Greenberg (1991) A View from Inside (Piano Quartet)
2013David Ludwig (1974) Aria Fantasy (Piano Quartet)
2005Theodore Wiprud (1958) Brooklyn Variations (Piano Quartet)
2010Karol Beffa (1973) Café 2010 (Piano Quartet)
2007James MacMillan (1959) Chant for John (Piano Quartet)
2008, rev. 2009Kenji Bunch (1973) Dark Hollow (Piano Quartet)
2010Michael Finnissy (1946) De Allerheiligste Ledematen (Piano Quartet)
2011Roberto Sierra (1953) Fuego de ángel (Piano Quartet)
2009Marc Neikrug (1964) Green Torso (Piano Quartet)
2007Timo Andres (1985) I Found it by the Sea (Piano Quartet)
2016Karol Beffa (1973) It rings a bell… (Piano Quartet)
2014Osmo Räihälä (1964) Les Oréades (Piano Quartet)
2014Timo Andres (1985) Mooring (Piano Quartet)
2009Ashot Zohrabyan (1945) Novelette (Piano Quartet)
2009Libby Larsen (1950) Over Easy (Piano Quartet)
2017Nancy Bloomer Deussen (1931) Pacific City (Piano Quartet)
2007Yehezkel Braun (1922-2014) Piano Quartet
2008Allan Blank (1925-2013) Piano Quartet
2009Nikita Mndoyants (1989) Piano Quartet
2009Yevhen Stankovych (1942) Piano Quartet
2011Diego Vega Piano Quartet
2014Anthony Payne (1936) Piano Quartet
2005George Tsontakis (1951) Piano Quartet No. 3
2009Michael Finnissy (1946) Piano Quartet in A major, 1861-2
2009Michael Finnissy (1946) Piano Quartet in g minor, 1861
2010Lowell Liebermann (1961) Piano Quartet, Op. 114
2012Pierre Jalbert (1967) Secret Alchemy (Piano Quartet)
2010Marc-Anthony Turnage (1960) Three for Two (Piano Quartet)
2009Peter Fribbins (1969) Variation on a Burns Air (Piano Quartet)
2010Joan Tower (1938) White Granite (Piano Quartet)
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