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2006Errollyn Wallen (1958) Music for Tigers (Piano Quintet)
2006Ketil Hvoslef (1939) Piano Quintet
2006Daniel Godfrey (1949) Ricordanza-Speranza (Piano Quintet)
2005Gabriela Lena Frank (1972) Ghosts in the Dream Machine (Piano Quintet)
2005Robert Crawford (1925-2012) Piano Quintet
2005Bruce Wolosoff (1955) Transfiguration (Piano Quintet)
2005Behzad Ranjbaran (1955) Enchanted Garden (Piano Quintet)
2004David Matthews (1943) Piano Quintet, Op. 92
2004Aulis Sallinen (1935) Piano Quintet, Op. 85
2004Roland Leistner-Mayer (1945) Piano Quintet, Op. 121
2004Bruno Mantovani (1974) Blue girl with red wagon (Piano Quintet)
2004Chester Biscardi (1948) Piano Quintet
2003Marc-Anthony Turnage (1960) Slide Stride (Piano Quintet)
2003James Dillon (1950) The Soadie Waste (Piano Quintet)
2003Marc Neikrug (1964) Piano Quintet
2000-2003Richard Barrett (1959) faux départs (Piano Quintet)
2002Gabriela Ortiz (1964) Seis piezas a Violeta (Piano Quintet)
2002Stuart MacRae (1976) Piano Quintet
2002Jorge Liderman (1957-2008) Piano Quintet
2002Hans Kox (1930) Memories and reflections (Piano Quintet)
2001Yorgos Sicilianos (1920-2005) Piano Quintet, Op. 68
2001Peter Lieberson (1946-2011) Piano Quintet, The Highlands
2001Hilda Paredes (1959) Cotidales (for piano and string quartet)
2001Bruce Adolphe (1955) Memories of a Possible Future (Piano Quintet)
2001Andrey Rubtsov (1982) Waltz (Piano Quintet)
2001Franghiz Ali-Zadeh (1947) Apsheron Quintet (Piano Quintet)
2001Toshi Ichiyanagi (1933) Piano Quintet, Bridging
2001Jiří Laburda (1931) Piano Quintet
2000William Bolcom (1938) Piano Quintet No. 1
2000Thomas Adès (1971) Piano Quintet
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