Work(s) for Clarinet Quintet

213 composer(s), 230 work(s)

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2014Chad Cannon Citizen 13660 - Vignettes (Clarinet Quintet)
2013Durwynne Hsieh Clarinet Quintet
2005Vivian Fung (1975) Miniatures (for clarinet and string quartet)
2002Peter Fribbins (1969) Clarinet Quintet
2007Derek Charke (1974) Silenced (Clarinet Quintet)
2008Kenji Bunch (1973) Lament (Clarinet Quintet)
2006Javier Torres Maldonado (1968) Segundo Libro Del Canto Alado (Clarinet Quintet)
2008David Bruce (1970) Gumboots (Clarinet Quintet)
2011Aleksandra Vrebalov (1970) Babylon, Our Own (Clarinet Quintet)
2004Jennifer Higdon (1962) Soliloquy (Clarinet Quintet)
2001Toshio Hosokawa (1955) Herbst-Lied (Clarinet Quintet)
2013Christopher Theofanidis (1967) Quasi una Fantasia (for 2 clarinets, 2 violins, viola and cello)
2011Marc Neikrug (1964) Clarinet Quintet
2003Douglas Weiland (1954) Clarinet Quintet, Op. 33
2002Richard Mills (1949) A Little Diary (Clarinet Quintet)
2009Richard Blackford (1954) Clarinet Quintet
2010Olli Kortekangas (1955) Boreas (Clarinet Quintet)
2004Colin Matthews (1946) Little Berceuse (Clarinet Quintet)
2002Anthony Iannaccone (1943) Clarinet Quintet
2016Richard Danielpour (1956) The Last Jew in Hamadam (Clarinet Quintet)
2011Ronald Corp (1951) Clarinet Quintet, Crawhall
2010David L. Post (1949) Concertino a Cinque (Clarinet Quintet)
2007Anne Boyd (1946) Ex deo lux (Clarinet Quintet)
2007Gerald Shapiro (1942) Clarinet Quintet (for clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano)
2006David Del Tredici (1937) Magyar Madness (for string quartet and clarinet)
2007Hugh Wood (1932) Clarinet Quintet, Op. 53
2009Peter Sculthorpe (1929-2014) A Little Song of Love (Clarinet Quintet)
2002Ralph Shapey (1921-2002) Two for Five (Concerto Grosso (Clarinet Quintet)
2007Stephen Dodgson (1924-2013) Clarinet Quintet
2007Elliott Carter (1908-2012) Clarinet Quintet
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