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2008Kenneth Frazelle (1955) Piano Trio
2006Leon Kirchner (1919-2009) String Quartet No. 4
2005Gabriela Lena Frank (1972) Ghosts in the Dream Machine (Piano Quintet)
2004Gabriela Lena Frank (1972) Songs of Cifar and the Sweet Sea (for baritone and piano)
2003Jennifer Higdon (1962) Piano Trio
2002Lera Auerbach (1973) Cello Sonata No. 1, Op. 69
2002Gabriela Lena Frank (1972) Sueños de Chambi: Snapshots for an Andean Album (for violin and piano)
2000Joan Tower (1938) Big Sky (Piano Trio)
1999John Corigliano (1938) The Red Violin Caprices (for solo violin)
1999Jennifer Higdon (1962) Scenes from the Poet's Dreams (Piano Quintet)
1998Pierre Jalbert (1967) Piano Trio No. 1
1998Yi Chen (1953) Romance and Dance of Hsiao and Ch’in (for cello and piano)
1998Joan Tower (1938) Wild Purple (for solo viola)
1997Jörg Widmann (1973) 180 beats per minute (String Sextet)
1997Nicholas Maw (1935-2009) Violin Sonata (for solo violin)
1997John Corigliano (1938) Fancy on a Bach Air (for solo cello)
1997Leonid Desyatnikov (1955) Wie Der Alte Leiermann (Like the Old Organ-grinder) (for violin and piano)
1996Paul Schoenfield (1947) Café Music (Piano Trio)
1995André Previn (1929) Vocalise (for soprano, cello and piano)
1992Bruce Adolphe (1955) String Quartet No. 4, Whispers of Mortality
1992Osvaldo Golijov (1960) Yiddishbbuk (String Quartet)
1991Tan Dun (1957) Elegy: Snow in June (for cello and 4 percussions)
1990Paul Schoenfield (1947) Trio (for clarinet, violin and piano)
1990Kenneth Frazelle (1955) String Trio
1990Bright Sheng (1955) Four Movements for Piano Trio (Piano Trio)
1988John Harbison (1938) November 19, 1828 - Hallucination in Four Episodes for Piano and String Trio
1979-1983Luciano Berio (1925-2003) [34] Duetti (for 2 violins)
1981John Harbison (1938) Piano Quintet
1976Alfred Schnittke (1934-1998) Moz-Art (for 2 violins)
1976Alfred Schnittke (1934-1998) Piano Quintet
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