Edward  Manukyan

Edward Manukyan (1981)

Էդվարդ Մանուկյան

Nationality: Armenian
Born: July 27, 1981 (age 36)
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13 work(s)

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2008 Monologue (for solo violin)
2008 Doubt and Uncertainty (for solo clarinet)
2008 Song About Byurakan (for clarinet and piano)
2008 Double Helix (for clarinet and piano)
2007 Triumph of Reason (for trumpet and piano)
2007 Esquisse (for violin and piano)
2007 Three Scenes from a Peasants' Life (for solo cello)
2007 Three Miniatures (for clarinet and piano)
2007 Clarinet Trio (for clarinet, violin and piano)
2006 Invention (for flute, violin, tuba and piano)
2006 Sonatina (Brass Quintet) (for 2 trumpets, horn and 2 trombones)
2005 Suite (Brass Quartet) No. 1 (for 2 trumpets, horn and trombone)
2005 Song and Dance (for violin and piano)