Toshio  Hosokawa

Toshio Hosokawa (1955)


Nationality: Japanese
Born: October 23, 1955, Hiroshima (age 62)

23 work(s)

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2007 Kalligraphie (String Quartet)
2007 Blossoming (String Quartet)
2001 Herbst-Lied (Clarinet Quintet)
2001 A Song From Far Away, In Nomine (for flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, viola and cello)
1994 Vertical Time Study II (for tenor sax, piano and percussion)
1994 Vertical Time Study III (for violin and piano)
1993 Landscape IV (String Quartet)
1993 Landscape V (for accordion, 2 violins, viola and cello)
1992 Landscape II (for harp, 2 violins, viola and cello)
1992 Vertical Time Study I (for clarinet, cello and piano)
1992 Landscape I (String Quartet)
1989 Fragmente III (Wind Quintet)
1986 Im Tal der Zeit... (Piano Quintet)
1981 Manifestation (for violin and piano)
1980 String Quartet, Urbilder
Memory (Piano Trio), In Memory of Isang Yun
Duo (for violin and cello)
In die Tiefe der Zeit (for cello and accordion)
Silent Flowers (String Quartet)
Fragmente II (for flute, 2 violins, viola and cello)
Ancient Dance (for violin and piano)
Floral Fairy (String Quartet)
Lied (for flute and piano)