Manfred  Stahnke

Manfred Stahnke (1951)

Nationality: German
Born: October 30, 1951, Kiel (age 66)
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2007 Streichtrio mit Goldrand (String Trio)
2006 Skins and Strings (for viola, cello and percussion)
2003 Frankfurt Musicbox (for violin, viola, cello, piano and percussion)
2000 String Quartet No. 4
1994 Wind Quintet No. 2, Spaziergang
1990 Dr. Yesterday's Seltsame Erzählungen (Piano Quintet) (for violin, viola, cello, bass and piano)
1983 String Quartet No. 3, Penthesilia
1983 Variationen über ein Mongolishes Lied (Piano Trio)
1979 Ritus (for flute, cello and piano)
1975 Wind Quintet