Anne  Boyd

Anne Boyd (1946)

Nationality: Australian
Born: April 18, 1946, Sydney (age 71)

22 work(s)

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2007 Ex deo lux (Clarinet Quintet)
2007 Gate of water (for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello and piano)
2006 St. Elmo's fire (for flute, oboe and clarinet)
2003 Esgid mair (for viola and percussion)
2003 Gwlydd melyn Mair (for oboe d'amore and harp)
2003 Miaren mair (for oboe d'amore, viola and harp)
2002 Quiet Place (for oboe, clarinet, viola and harp)
2002 Feather on the breath of God (for flute and harp)
1996 Jade flower song (for 2 flutes, bassoon and harp)
1991 String Quartet No. 3
1987 Bali Moods No. 1 (for flute and piano)
1984 Wind across Bamboo (Wind Quintet)
1984 Kakan (for flute, piano and marimba)
1981 Cloudy Mountain (for flute and piano)
1980 Red Sun, Chill Wind (for flute and piano)
1978 Goldfish through Summer Rain (for flute and piano)
1973 String Quartet No. 2
1973 As It Leaves the Bell (for piano, harp and percussion)
1971 The Metamorphosis of the Solitary Female Phoenix (for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, piano and percussion)
1968, rev. 1971 String Quartet No. 1, Tu dai oan
A Little Love Music for Peter (String Quartet)
Yuya (for recorder, 2 violins, viola and cello)