Yehezkel  Braun

Yehezkel Braun (1922-2014)

יחזקאל בראון

Nationality: Israeli | German
Born: January 8, 1922, Breslau, Germany
Died: August 27, 2014, Tel Aviv (age 92)
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29 work(s)

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2009 Trio (for piccolo, bassoon and piano)
2009 Sonata piccola (for piccolo and piano)
2008 Fantasy (Piano Trio)
2008 Sonata (for violin and guitar)
2007 Piano Quartet
2006 Piano Trio No. 5
2006 Trio Sonata (for recorder, cello and harpsichord)
2005 String Trio
2004 Sonata (for mandolin and guitar)
2004 Six Bagatelles (for vibraphone and piano)
2003 Bassoon Sonata (for bassoon and piano)
2003 Bass Sonata
2003 Twelve Preludes (for marimba and vibraphone)
2002 Piano Trio No. 4
2002 Music for Plucked Instruments (for mandolin, guitar and harpsichord)
2002 Cello Sonata
2000 String Quartet
1998 Piano Trio No. 3, Fantasia a tre
1998 Hexagon (String Sextet)
1997 Sonata (for trombone and piano)
1996 Piano Trio No. 2
1994 Sha'harit (Aubade) (for oboe, violin, viola and cello)
1988 Piano Trio No. 1
1986 Shiggayon (Fancy) (for cello and piano)
1979 Shirei Lilith (Noctuae carmina) (for viola and piano)
1974 Three Hassidic Tunes (for clarinet and piano)
1974 Three Sephardic Romances (for clarinet and piano)
1969 Horn Sonata (for horn and piano)
Er'elei Ma'ala (Heavenly Angels) (for viola and piano)