Alexander  Shchetynsky [Shchetinsky]

Alexander Shchetynsky (1960)

Alexander Shchetynsky [Shchetinsky]

Олекса́ндр Степа́нович Щети́нський

Nationality: Ukrainian | Russian
Born: June 22, 1960, Kharkiv (age 57)
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30 work(s)

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2006 Music in Memory of Valentyn Bibik (for clarinet, cello and piano)
2005 Seven Screen Shots (for bass and piano)
2002 Pendulum (for trombone and marimba)
2001 No Illusions (for clarinet, trombone, cello and piano)
2000 Sonata (for piano and percussion)
2000 Arabesque (for clarinet, bass clarinet, viola and cello)
2000 Looking at the Sky (for flute, bass clarinet and piano)
1999 Cortège (Saxophone Quartet)
1999 Pas de Quatre (for alto sax, trombone, percussion and guitar)
1996 Message From A.W. (for cello and piano)
1996 Pas De Deux (for 2 cellos)
1996 Four Movements (for clarinet, viola and piano)
1996 Crosswise (for clarinet and cello)
1996 Introspection (for flute and harpsichord)
1995 Quintet (for clarinet, horn, violin, cello and piano)
1995 In Low Voices (for clarinet, violin, 2 violas, bass and accordion)
1995 Together (5 Pieces) (for violin and accordion)
1993 Epilogue (clarient, piano and string trio)
1992 Three Sketches in Quarter Tones (for 2 guitars)
1992 A Ray of Hope (for flute, oboe, viola, cello and harmonium)
1991 String Quartet
1990 Violin Sonata
1990 Way to Meditation (for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano)
1990 On the Eve (Brass Quintet) (for 2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba)
1987-1990 Suite (for clarinet and piano)
1987 Sonata (for clarinet and organ)
1985-1987 Wind Quintet
1983 Antiphons (for cello and piano)
1983 Intermezzo (for flute and piano)
1982 Clarinet Sonata