Julia  Gomelskaya

Julia Gomelskaya (1964-2016)

Юлія Олександрівна Гомельська

Nationality: Ukrainian | Russian
Born: March 11, 1964, Saratov, USSR
Died: December 4, 2016, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine (age 52)

21 work(s)

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2008 Jab-Jazz (for trombone, piano and percussion)
2005 Dive Deep in a Rhythm-Risk-Riot… (Piano Trio)
2005 Rhythmus (for bass and piano)
2005 Trace of Trumpet (for trumpet and piano)
2002 Carl & Clara (for flute and piano)
2001 Diadem (for flute and harp)
2001 The Triumph of Adrenaline (for trombone and percussion)
2000 Behind the Sahadow of Sound (for violin and accordion)
2000 ... Herbarium ... Music of Recalls ... (String Trio)
1999 Synopsis of Symmetries (for flute, violin, viola and cello)
1998 Zig-Net-Zag (for clarinet, cello and 2 pianos)
1997 From the Bottom of the Soul (String Quartet)
1996 Sentimental Serenade (for bassoon and piano)
1996 Bagatelle (for horn and piano)
1996 Forgotten Ritual (for flute, alto sax, piano and percussion)
1995 N-Quartet (String Quartet)
1995 Phonium-Folk (for flute, violin, cello and piano)
1992 In Modo Sketch (for cello and piano)
1989 Fantasia on themes of "Porgy and Bess" (Piano Trio)
1989 In Opposition (String Quartet)
1987 Violin Sonata