Dan  Welcher

Dan Welcher (1948)

Nationality: American
Born: March 2, 1948, Rochester, NY (age 70)
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26 work(s)

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2009 You Can Fool... (for percussion quartet)
2008 String Quartet No. 3, Cassatt Quartet
2002 The Wind Won't Listen (for bassoon, 2 violins, viola and cello)
2002 Florestan's Falcon (for flute and piano)
2001 Clarinet Quintet
2001 Another Rag for Rags (for violin and piano)
1997 Mill Songs (Four Metamorphoses after Schubert) (for oboe and bassoon)
1996 Spirit Realms (Three Meditations) (for flute and percussion)
1996 All the Words to All the Songs (for flute and piano)
1995 Phaedrus (for clarinet, violin and piano)
1995 Dante Dances (for clarinet and piano)
1992 String Quartet No. 2, Harbor Music
1991 Tsunami (for cello, percussion and piano)
1990 Zephyrus (for flute, violin, viola and cello)
1990 Stigma (for bass and piano)
1988 String Quartet No. 1
1987 Reversible Jackets: Exercises in Conjugal Counterpoint (for flute and clarinet)
1986 White Mares of the Moon (for flute and harp)
1982 Brass Quintet (for 2 trumpets, horn and 2 trombones)
1980 Partita (for horn, violin and piano)
1977 Wind Quintet No. 2
1975 Piano Trio
1968 Firewing: The Flame and the Moth (for oboe and percussion)
1968 Elizabethan Variations (for 4 recorders)
1967 Wind Quintet No. 1
1966 Nocturne and Dance (for trumpet and piano)